Waste Compacting Equipment

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Explore Packmat Equipment's array of cutting-edge solutions, each designed to pave the way for a more sustainable future through innovative waste management technologies.

Packmat Equipment PX601 truck
Electric equipment on an electric or diesel vehicle
The PX601 is Packmat Equipment's groundbreaking, fully electric compaction solution, revolutionizing the industry with its eco-conscious design.
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Packmat Equipment PK608 truck
Hydraulic equipment on a diesel vehicle
The PK608, compact and powerful, revolutionizes waste management by significantly reducing collection trips and emissions.
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Packmat Equipment PK317 Solution
Hydraulic or electric accessory on a Roll-Off truck
The PK317 offers a sustainable and efficient mobile compaction solution, minimizing waste collection frequency and operational costs.
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Packmat Equipment PK707 solution
Accessory for any hydraulic type of equipment
The PK707 redefines waste management with its versatile, high-efficiency compactor, boosting capacity by 50% and cutting emissions.
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Packmat Equipment orange PK404 truck side view
Self-propelled hydraulic equipment
The PK404 is the ideal solution for ecocentres and blends high efficiency with sustainability to redefine eco-friendly waste management.
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