Packmat Equipment proudly presents the PK707, a leap forward in sustainable waste solutions, designed for seamless integration with diverse heavy machinery, advancing waste management efficiency. This versatile compaction solution, compatible with loaders, excavators, and telehandlers, sets a new standard for waste compression efficiency.

The PK707, featuring a powerful 2.3-ton roller and dual hydraulic motors, enables dynamic waste compression, significantly increasing container capacity by 50%. This enhancement not only elevates on-site productivity but also plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Packmat Equipment PK707 solution
Adaptable solution for heavy equipment
Where Efficiency meets Sustainability

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With its dual hydraulic motors, the PK707 optimizes waste compression with an efficient back-and-forth motion, maximizing space and operational productivity. Its robust design and a heavy-duty 2.3-ton roller effectively crush waste, leveraging gravity. This process significantly enlarges container capacity by 50%, thereby enhancing on-site productivity and operational efficiency.

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Its innovative compaction mechanism maximizes space utilization, effectively increasing capacity while minimizing the frequency of waste collection. This leads to significant savings in time and operational expenses, making the PK404 an indispensable tool for ecocentres looking to enhance their service offering and operational throughput without additional resource allocation.

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Increasing container capacity by 50%, the PK707 reduces the frequency of transport rotations, enhancing efficiency and reducing environmental impact. This not only saves money and time but also decreases greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental protection. The design and operational efficiency of the compactor thus support a sustainable approach to waste management.

Technical specifications

No CDL requirements

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- Standard colors: Orange RAL 2011 - Grey RAL 7023

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- 1x arm optimized for 20 ft container
- 1x hook for safe transport
- 1x quick coupler (fit with most popular, can also customise)

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- Heavy duty joints

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- Controlled with hydraulic distributor
- Roller is stopped using hydraulic valve

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- Excavator
- Loader
- Telehandler

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- Weight: 2 metric tons
- Overall width: 6'2"
- Usable width: 5'7"
- Overall diameter: 4'
- 2x high torque low speed hydraulic motors
- Wear resistant (500lb) steel teet

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- Only 1 auxiliary function is required
- 2x pressure lines and 1 return to tank
- Flow at 20 gpm, pressure at 3 000 psi
- Capacity of 2T at 1.5m from quick coupler

Upfitting can be adaptable to any hydraulic type of equipment.

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Optimized Solutions for Diverse Industries


The PK707 boosts construction waste handling, integrating with site machinery for enhanced productivity.


In demolition, the PK707 efficiently compacts large waste volumes, facilitating eco-friendly clearances.

Manufacturing and industrial

For manufacturing, the PK707 offers space and cost savings by increasing waste container capacity.

Packmat Equipment PK707 solution

Compact Your Trash, Not Your Container

At Packmat Equipment, we understand the concerns businesses have regarding the potential damage to containers during the compaction process. It's a valid worry – the thought of valuable containers being crushed or compromised is unsettling. That's precisely why we've engineered our compaction services with your concerns at the forefront.
Your container has never been safer than with Packmat Equipment!

Precision Compaction with Structural Integrity

Our compactors are designed with precision engineering, featuring a narrower width than the container to avoid wall contact, ensuring no interior damage.

Integrated Protection Mechanisms

Each compactor is equipped with safeguard wheels to prevent damage from the roller spikes, and our elevated side design further ensures the container's interior remains untouched. This careful consideration in design extends the life of your container by preventing wear and tear, making our service a cost-effective solution for your compaction needs.

Enhanced Operator Control and Safety

We've elevated operational safety and efficiency through the integration of a joystick controller and a network of cameras, allowing operators to maneuver the equipment from the safety of the truck's cab. This innovation eliminates the need for operators to exit the truck, reducing accident risk and streamlining the compaction process.