Leveraging advanced technology for environmental solutions, Packmat Equipment proudly presents the PK317, a leading-edge in mobile compaction. This robust compactor directly processes waste at its source, effectively cutting down on collection frequency and reducing operational costs, making it a prime choice for eco-conscious businesses and municipalities.

Perfect for businesses and municipalities aiming for sustainability without compromising on performance, the PK317 stands as a testament to innovation in waste management. It contributes to a greener planet by lessening emissions associated with waste transportation, making it an indispensable tool in today's eco-conscious world.

Packmat Equipment PK317 solution
Solution for mobile compaction service
Fewer Trips, Lower Costs, Greater Impact

The best solution for your compactions

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With its innovative design, the PK317 significantly increases efficiency by compacting more waste into fewer containers, drastically lowering the need for frequent disposals. This makes it a cost-effective solution for waste management.

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The product design focuses on the safety and comfort of the driver. With full control from within the cabin, the driver is less exposed to harsh external conditions, reducing fatigue and safety hazards.

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The PK317 stands out by boosting container capacity by 50%, reducing the need for frequent waste transport, significantly cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. The design and operational efficiency of the compactor thus support a sustainable approach to waste management.

Technical specifications

No CDL requirements

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- Maximum power: 43kW (58 ch) at 1 800 rp/mn
- Maximum torque: 230 Nm at 1 800 rp/mn
- 4 cylinders diesel
- Individual injections pumps
- Bore 98 mm - stroke 110 mm
- Engine displacement 3.32L
- Exhaust silencer on block
- Liquid colling
- Level depollution TIER 4 stage 5
- Permanente ventilation
- Oil capacity 10.5L
- Fuel and oil filter
- Indicative consumption 7.5 l/h
- Fuel according CSR 442 width additive for extreme cold

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Roller transmission

- Hydrostatic with reserver

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roller brake

- Hydrostatic brake

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- Control from the truck cab without getting off the truck cab
- Need to have au electric connection - 12 or 24 volt

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One proportional hydraulic valve
- 1 function unfolding folding arms
- 1 roller lifting function with float
- 1 front roll forward function

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- Hydraulic pump 40cc/350 bars
- Pressure filtration and return
- Proportional valve
- 2 hydraulic motors 1 260cc/350 bars
- 2 unfolding cylinders 70x110 stroke 1 000 with 1 double flow valve
- 1 cylinder for roll lifting 70x110 stroke 1 000 with needle

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- Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 70 liters visual level, with filling coupling and ventilation filter

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- LED light fitted on the arm
- Automatic lubrification system
- Manual lubrification
- Specific painting (2 colors maximum)

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- PK317 work normally with temperature from -5 to 50 Celcius degree

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- GVW: 6 500kg
- Machine weight: 6 500kg
- Max length: 5 970 mm
- Overall width: 2 370 mm
- External width: 1 060 mm
- Height without height truck: 2 800 mm
- Height under the roller without hight truck: 1 820 mm
- Rear ground clearance: 260 mm
- Front ground clearance: 0 mm
- Diameter of rolling rollers: 200 mm
- Width of rolling rollers: 200 mm
- Way des galets de roulage: 1 330 mm
- Hook height: 1 425/1 545 mm
- Axle diameter: 50 mm

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Positioning tolerance with the container

- Longitudinal centering: +/- 50 mm
- Parallelism: +/- 2 deg

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Engine equipment

- Servo pump

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Bearing whell

- Steel roller with composite rings (PA6)

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Remote control

- For the lifting and rolling functions of the roller
- Emergency stop button
- Switch for light
- Different switch for other function

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- Screen with information from the engine
- Hour meter
- Emergency stop button

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- Battery capacity 95 Ah 12 volts
- 1 disconnect battery
- Alternator 55A + Starter 2.3kW
- 1 rear LED light
- 1 buzzer + 1 LED light (for non-folded arms)

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- Tank fuel capacity: 50 liters with electric gauge and cap

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- Color: Orange RAL 2011 - Grey RAL 7023

- 1 frame for waste container hight 2 650 mm according NF R17-108 and NF S 61-528 (front lock)
- 1 intermediate arm for container length 6 400 mm
- 1 roller arm for container length 6 400 mm

- Weight: 2.3 T (ground impact: 2.6 T to 2.9 T)
- Overall width: 1 900 mm - Useful: 1 700 mm
- Overall diameter: 1 225 mm
- Roller equipped with high tensile steel teeth with a cleaning device

- Steel bushes perforated for lubrification

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- 85 dbA

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PK317 can be used by 6x4 or 4x2 vehicles equipped with a hydraulic hook. However, it must be checked that it is compatible when the arm is unfolded (the largest reversing moment).

It is imperative to respect the instructions above, otherwise the truck chassis and the hydraulic hook will be damaged.

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- Arm folded since front face: 3 116 mm
- Arm unfolded since front face: 5 600 mm
- Side stop AFNOR L7: 3 800 mm
- Side stop from front face: 301 mm
- Side stop from low side frame: 118 mm
- Max cantilevered from the hooklift roller: 1 300 mm
- Minus cantilevered from the hooklift roller: 400 mm
- Back cantilevered machine: 400 mm
- Angle of devers maxi unfolded arm: 5 deg
- Slope maxi unfolded arm: 10 deg
- Truck speed maxi with unfolded arm: 0 km/h
- Roller speed minimum: 20 Tr/mn
- Roller speed maximum: 25 Tr/mn

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Other specifications

Front lock is required.
The chassis is equipped with pins (35 mm square) on the lower longitudinal members (according to NF S61-528) and several anchor points on the front part.

Our equipment is compatible on any Roll-Off trucks

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Optimized Solutions for Diverse Industries


Our compaction equipment streamlines waste management in construction, enhancing site cleanliness and reducing disposal costs.


Designed for municipalities, our solutions improve urban waste management, reducing collection frequency and operational expenses.

Logistics and warehousing

In logistics and warehousing, our compactors maximize space efficiency and cut waste disposal costs, optimizing operations.

Packmat Equipment PK317 Solution

Compact Your Trash, Not Your Container

At Packmat Equipment, we understand the concerns businesses have regarding the potential damage to containers during the compaction process. It's a valid worry – the thought of valuable containers being crushed or compromised is unsettling. That's precisely why we've engineered our compaction services with your concerns at the forefront.
Your container has never been safer than with Packmat Equipment!

Precision Compaction with Structural Integrity

Our compactors are designed with precision engineering, featuring a narrower width than the container to avoid wall contact, ensuring no interior damage.

Integrated Protection Mechanisms

Each compactor is equipped with safeguard wheels to prevent damage from the roller spikes, and our elevated side design further ensures the container's interior remains untouched. This careful consideration in design extends the life of your container by preventing wear and tear, making our service a cost-effective solution for your compaction needs.

Enhanced Operator Control and Safety

We've elevated operational safety and efficiency through the integration of a joystick controller and a network of cameras, allowing operators to maneuver the equipment from the safety of the truck's cab. This innovation eliminates the need for operators to exit the truck, reducing accident risk and streamlining the compaction process.

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