Packmat Equipment introduces the PX601, our latest 100% electric waste compaction solution. Addressing global waste management challenges.

In order to bring a brand new product to market that is free of any environmental footprint, Packmat Equipment is proud to partner with Lion Electric to offer a class 6, fully electric truck solution on which it will now be possible to install the PX601.

It is also possible to install the PX601 on other diesel and electrical chassis. An innovative solution that is a first of its kind in the mobile compaction industry!

Packmat Equipment PX601 truck
Electric Solution for Mobile Compaction Service
Power your Business with Clean Energy

The best solution for your compactions

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Revolutionizing waste management, the PX601 reduces diesel consumption, heralding environmentally-friendly waste disposal. Unlike traditional diesel compaction trucks, which consume a lot of fuel even when idling, PX601 trucks do not draw power from their batteries when stationary, thereby lowering carbon footprint and operational costs.

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With minimal moving parts and eliminating oil changes, the PX601 offers a low-maintenance waste management solution, outperforming traditional diesel models. The 3-ton drum ensures maximum waste compaction, and the improved maneuverability and ability to minimize cycle time allow for handling more containers per day, enhancing overall efficiency.

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The product design focuses on the safety and comfort of the driver. With full control from within the cabin, the driver is less exposed to harsh external conditions, reducing fatigue and safety hazards.

Technical specifications

No CDL requirements

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Weights and dimensions

- Length of the cabin: 201 cm
- Height of the cabin: 267 cm
- Wheelbase: 538 cm
- Gross Vehicule Weight Rating: 11 800 kg

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- Axle front: 5 670 kg
- Axle rear: 9 299 kg
- Suspension: Compressed Air/Spring Hendrickson
- Braking: Hydraulic or air brakes WABCO

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- Position aligned with container: +- 2" (+- 50mm)
- Angle aligned with container: +- 2 degree

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- This equipment can be installed on a class 6 diesel chassis

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Electric Powertrain

- Maximum Speed: 105 kph
- Maximum Power: 250 kW - 335 HP
- Maximum Torque: 2 500 Nm - 1 800 ft-lbs
- Autonomy: Up to 210 km
- Capacity of the battery: Up to 168 kWh
- Engine and inverter: SUMO MD - 6 phases Dana TM4
- Transmission: Direct drive without transmission
- Cooldown Level III: 2 hours minimum

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Center of gravity - cg

- Center of gravity height: 54" - 1 372mm
- Front axle weight: 11 800 lbs - 5 352 kg
- Rear axle weight: 13 800 lbs - 6 260 kg
- Roller speed: 30 RPM
- Equipment rear overhang: 21.65" - 550mm

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Total weight of equipment

*With truck of 25 600 lbs - 11 612 kg
- Total length with folded arm: 256.75" - 6 251mm
- Total height with folded arm: 84.61" - 2 149mm
- Total frame length: 209.74" - 5 327mm
- Max arm height: 186.43" - 4 735mm
- Maximum height under roller: 62.14" - 1 578mm
- Overall width: 99.84" - 2 536mm
- Total container height: 97.18" - 2 468mm
- Total container length: 250.22" - 6 356mm

Our equipment is compatible on
Lion Electric logoMack logoPeterbilt logo
Kenworth logoFreightliner logoInternational trucks logo

Compatible on diesel truck chassis as well as electric truck chassis.

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Optimized Solutions for Diverse Industries


For the construction sector, the PX601 brings robust compaction capabilities to handle heavy and bulky waste materials, enabling sites to remain clean and adhere to environmental regulations.


Municipalities can leverage the PX601 for effective urban waste management, reducing the frequency of waste collection and supporting city-wide sustainability goals.

Logistics and warehousing

In logistics and warehousing, the PX601 enhances operational efficiency by compacting waste on-site, freeing up valuable space and reducing disposal costs.

Compact Your Trash, Not Your Container

At Packmat Equipment, we understand the concerns businesses have regarding the potential damage to containers during the compaction process. It's a valid worry – the thought of valuable containers being crushed or compromised is unsettling. That's precisely why we've engineered our compaction services with your concerns at the forefront.
Your container has never been safer than with Packmat Equipment!

Precision Compaction with Structural Integrity

Our compactors are designed with precision engineering, featuring a narrower width than the container to avoid wall contact, ensuring no interior damage.

Integrated Protection Mechanisms

Each compactor is equipped with safeguard wheels to prevent damage from the roller spikes, and our elevated side design further ensures the container's interior remains untouched. This careful consideration in design extends the life of your container by preventing wear and tear, making our service a cost-effective solution for your compaction needs.

Enhanced Operator Control and Safety

We've elevated operational safety and efficiency through the integration of a joystick controller and a network of cameras, allowing operators to maneuver the equipment from the safety of the truck's cab. This innovation eliminates the need for operators to exit the truck, reducing accident risk and streamlining the compaction process.

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