Packmat Equipment, at the forefront of tackling global environmental issues, proudly introduces the PK404, our latest electric compaction solution to optimize ecocentres operations, showcasing our dedication to creating sustainable waste management solutions..

Our advanced PK404 combines operational efficiency with sustainability, setting new eco-friendly standards in waste management.

With the PK404, we're setting new standards in eco-friendly operations, proving that high performance can go hand-in-hand with environmental stewardship. A game-changer in waste management, the PK404 marks a milestone in our journey towards a greener planet.

Packmat PK404 solution
Solution for Optimizing Ecocentre
Redefining Waste Management

The best solution for your compactions

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The PK404 is a testament to Packmat Equipment's commitment to sustainability, significantly reducing the environmental impact of waste compaction activities. Unlike conventional compaction systems, the PK404 emphasizes the reduction of energy use and promotes the conservation of resources. By optimizing operational efficiency, it ensures a lower carbon footprint and supports ecocentres in achieving their sustainability goals.

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Featuring an innovative compaction system, the PK404 maximizes space and cuts down on waste collections, enhancing both efficiency and savings. This leads to significant savings in time and operational expenses, making the PK404 an indispensable tool for ecocentres looking to enhance their service offering and operational throughput without additional resource allocation.

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By increasing container waste volume by 50%, the need for transportation container rotations is significantly reduced. This not only saves money and time but also decreases greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental protection. The design and operational efficiency of the compactor thus support a sustainable approach to waste management.

Technical specifications

No CDL requirements

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- Maximum power 43kW (58cv) at 3000 rpm
- Maximum torque 230 Nm at 1800 tr/mn
- Diesel 4 cylinders
- Individual injections pumps
- Bore 98 mm - stroke 110 mm
- Cylinder 3.32L
- Exhaust silencer on block
- Liquid cooling
- Depollution level EPA Tier4 or Stage V
- Permanent ventilation
- Engine oil capacity 10.5L
- Oil filter disposable cartridge
- Fuel filter disposable cartridge
- Indicative consumption 6 l/h
- Fuel: according CSR 442 standard additive for great cold

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Transmission move

- 2 hydraulic motors with reducer

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- Steering wheel and hydraulic assistance

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- 1 axle fitted with 2 wheels 406 x 154 x 267

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Fuel tank

- Plastic tank capacity 50 liters of diesel with minimum level electric and cap

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Operating functioning

- The Packmat PK404 works under normal conditions for ambient temperatures between -5 and +50 Celcius degrees

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Electric screen:
- Function and alert indicators
- Horameter
- Ignition key
- Emergency stop button
- Commutator of forward or reverse
- Honk
- Commutator for moving or working mode
- Commutator for the arm lifting

Man machine dialogue screen (with 4 digit code)
- Extinguisher

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- 2 access doors to the rear powertrain
- 2 access doors propellant lateral group
- 1 access door driving cabin

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Compactor equipment

Standard painting: Orange RAL 2011 - Grey RAL 7023

- 1 self-supporting frame
- 1 intermediate arm for container of 6 400 mm
- 1 arm of roller for container length 6 400 mm
- 1 remote control

- Weight: 2.3T (ground impact: 2.6T to 2.9T)
- Overall width: 1 900 mm - Useful: 1 700 mm
- Overall diameter: 1 225 mm
- Roller equipped with steel teeth of high strength and a device for the roller cleaning

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Traction hook:
- Max weight container 10T
- Max weight on hook 5T
- Radius of gyration with container 20m

- Greasing pack centralized with grease EP2
- End of stroke front rear roll
- Cab heating
- Cab air conditioner

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Weight and dimensions

- Gross weight: 19 800 kg
- Machine weight: 9 800 kg
- Length roller lowered: 7 434 mm
- Length roller lifted: 5 000 mm
- Overall width: 2 400 mm
- Wheel base: 2 400 mm
- Height roller lowered: 4 010 mm
- Height roller lifted: 7 000 mm
- Height under lifter roller: 3 430 mm
- Ground clearance: 310 mm
- Ground clearance roller lowered: 286 mm
- External steering radius without container: 3 510 mm
- Internal steering radius without container: 0 mm
- Roller down gravity center: 495 mm
- Overhang/cantilevered steering wheels: 1 110 mm
- Overhang/cantilevered driving wheels: 680 mm
- Maximum inclination roller lifted: 3 deg
- Speed roller: 20 tr/mm

Positioning tolerance with respect to the container
- Container height maximum: 3 000 mm
- Longitudinal centering: +/- 100 mm
- Parallelism: 2 deg +/-

Move speed
- Speed without container on flat ground: 6 km/h
- Speed with 10 tons container on flat ground: 3 km/h

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Engine equipment

- Pump of control

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Roller transmission

- 2 hydraulic engines

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Driving wheel

- 2 solid tires 559 x 301 x 406

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- Hydrostatic brake on transmission circuit for roller and driving wheels
- Parking brake: dry multidisk

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Hydraulic oil tank

- Steel tank capacity 120 liters with visual level fitted with connection of filling

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- Lateral driving semi upright position
- High cabin with access by safety scale
- Cab with 4 work lights and rotating light
- Composting side glass window with protective grid
- Sliding glass side door + glass on the door
- 1 extractor on the roof
- Maintenance documentation
- 1 wiper, washer

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Electric equipment

- Battery capacity 95Ah 12 volts
- Switch button for the battery 125A
- Alternator 40A
- Starter 3 kW
- 1 horn
- 1 calculator for the pump managing
- 1 encoder on the steering for anti-shifting function
- 1 horn for reverse

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- 80 dbA

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Hydraulic equipment

Opened circuit:
- Gear pump 11cc/240 bars
- Distribution block cetop 3 45l/mn 210 bars
- Power steering wheel
- 1 cylinder for the lifting of the roller
- 70x110 course 1000 with a restrictor
- 1 cylinder for the lifting of the front frame course 300 + shock-proof safety

Closed circuit:
- Piston pump 60cc/330 bars
- Driving 2 hydraulic engines 35cc/330 bars
- Compaction 2 hydraulic motors 126cc
- 1 hydraulic valve PVG32 for move and compaction with filtration
- Exchanger / oil cooler

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Not allowed to drive on public road

Optimized Solutions for Diverse Industries


The PK404 streamlines waste processing, enabling more sustainable and efficient operations.


It offers an effective way of managing waste and supporting efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Packmat Equipment orange PK404 truck side view

Compact Your Trash, Not Your Container

At Packmat Equipment, we understand the concerns businesses have regarding the potential damage to containers during the compaction process. It's a valid worry – the thought of valuable containers being crushed or compromised is unsettling. That's precisely why we've engineered our compaction services with your concerns at the forefront.
Your container has never been safer than with Packmat Equipment!

Precision Compaction with Structural Integrity

Our compactors are designed with precision engineering, featuring a narrower width than the container to avoid wall contact, ensuring no interior damage.

Integrated Protection Mechanisms

Each compactor is equipped with safeguard wheels to prevent damage from the roller spikes, and our elevated side design further ensures the container's interior remains untouched. This careful consideration in design extends the life of your container by preventing wear and tear, making our service a cost-effective solution for your compaction needs.

Enhanced Operator Control and Safety

We've elevated operational safety and efficiency through the integration of a joystick controller and a network of cameras, allowing operators to maneuver the equipment from the safety of the truck's cab. This innovation eliminates the need for operators to exit the truck, reducing accident risk and streamlining the compaction process.

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