Compact and powerful, the PK608 streamlines waste management by compacting waste on-site, drastically cutting down collection trips and operational expenses.

Ideal for businesses and municipalities dedicated to sustainable operations without sacrificing efficiency, the PK608 is a hallmark of waste management innovation. It plays a crucial role in reducing emissions linked to waste transport, proving itself as an essential asset for the environmentally aware society.

Packmat Equipment PK608 truck
Solution for Mobile Compaction Service
Transforming Waste Management, One Compact at a Time

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The Packmat PK608 elevates operational productivity by optimizing waste compaction directly at the source, allowing for more waste to be compacted into fewer containers. This innovation significantly diminishes the necessity for regular waste collection, streamlining the waste management process and leading to substantial reductions in operational expenses.

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Designed with operator and environmental safety in mind, the PK608 incorporates advanced safety features, including comprehensive lighting for visibility, reverse sensors, and multiple camera views to ensure secure operation in diverse conditions.

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Reducing collection trips, the PK608 cuts carbon emissions from waste transport, supporting greener waste management practices. This eco-friendly approach not only contributes to a greener planet by minimizing the environmental footprint of waste management but also aligns with the goals of businesses and municipalities striving for sustainable practices.

Technical specifications

No CDL requirements

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Compactor equipment

-Standard color: Orange RAL 2011

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- 1 x Intermediate arm optimized for 20 ft container
- 1 x Roller arm optimized for 20 ft container

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Pivot joints

- Surface treated bushings for high resistance to wear
- Surface treated steel pivots for high resistance to wear
- Central grease fitting manifold

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Cabin dashboard

- Display and alert indicators
- 1 x Counter for hours in operation
- 1 x Emergency stop button
- 1 x Light switch

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Electric equipment

- 1 x LED beacon
- 2 x Rear LED work lights
- 1 x Buzzer + 1 x LED light indicating arm not secured
- 1 x Reverse sensor
- 2 x Cameras for viewing outside container and dock
- 1 x Camera for viewing inside container
- 1 x Screen displaying multiple video feeds

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Noise emission

- Depending on choice of vehicle and engine rpm

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Operating conditions

- The PK608 operates under normal temperature conditions between 23°F and 122°F
(Range can be increased with a hydraulic heater/cooler)

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Weight and dimensions without truck

- Total weight with compactor: 6.1T (5 550kg)
- Max length with folded arm: 18'10 9/16" (5 755 mm)
- Height of folded arm: 9'0" (2 745 mm)
- Max length of frame: 19'1" (5 816 mm)
- Max height of arm: 19'1" ( 5 816 mm)
- Max height under roller: 6'1 5/16" (1 862 mm)
- Overall width: 7'4 5/16" (2 250 mm)
- Max height of container: 8'8 9/32" ( 2 250 mm)
- Max length of container: 21'0" (6 400 mm)

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Positioning/angle tolerance for container placement

- Position lining up with container: +/- 2" (50 mm)
- Angle lining up with container: +/- 2 deg

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- Frame permanently fixed to vehicle chassis
- Installed according to PACKMAT specifications (Subject to the appropriate wheel base)
- 1 x Access door to hydraulic distributor
- 1 x Removable side panel for maintenance
- Large side panels for client branding

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- Weight : 2.54 Tons
- Crushing weight with arm: 3.1 Tons
- Overall width : 6' 2 3/4 "
- Usable width : 5' 6 15/16 "
- Overall diameter: 4' 7/32"
- Abrasion resistant steel teeth
- Equipped with roller combing device for easy cleaning and maintenance
- Container guards permanently attached to roller

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Roller drive

- Dual hydraulic motors
- Controlled with hydraulic distributor

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Proportional joystick

- Ergonomic adjustable joystick forearm support
- 1 x Deploying arm function
- 1 x Raising-lowering or letting roller float function
- 1 x Roller front or rear spin function
- 1 x Emergency stop button
- 1 x Bypass button for overheated hydraulic fluid

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Hydraulic tank

-1 x Steel tank 18.5 gallons capacity (Required hydraulic fluid: HV46)
- 1 x Visual level indicator
- 1 x Filling port and breather

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- Additional lights on arm
- Central lubrication
- Custom paint up to 2 colors (#RAL)
- Hook-up function
- Hydraulic heater
- Hydraulic cooler

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Vehicle requirements

- 26 000 lb GVWR Cab & Chassis
- Power Take Off (PTO) Transmission
- HP & Torque in accordance with Packmat specifications

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Center of gravity - CG

- When arm is completely folded (variable according to wheelbase): 9'5 1/4" (2 876 mm)
- When arm is completely unfolded (variable according to wheelbase): 15'6 3/8" (4 735 mm)
- Rear overhang of equipment: 1'3 3/4" (400 mm)
- Max tilt angle of extended arm: 5 deg
- Max slope of extended arm: 10 deg
- Max speed of extended arm: 0 mph
- Roller speed at minimum load: 20 rpm
- Roller speed at maximum load: 30 rpm

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Upfit vehicle requirement

- Minimum Allison RDS 2500 transmission or higher and 140" AC

Our equipment is compatible on
Peterbilt logoFreightliner logoInternational trucks logoKenworth logoMack logo

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Optimized Solutions for Diverse Industries


In the construction industry, the PK608 accelerates waste handling, making sites cleaner and more sustainable.


For municipalities, the PK608 offers an efficient way to manage urban waste, contributing to cleaner, greener communities.

Logistics and warehousing

In logistics and warehousing, the PK608 reduces waste volume and operational costs, optimizing space and resources.

Packmat Equipment PK608 truck

Compact Your Trash, Not Your Container

At Packmat Equipment, we understand the concerns businesses have regarding the potential damage to containers during the compaction process. It's a valid worry – the thought of valuable containers being crushed or compromised is unsettling. That's precisely why we've engineered our compaction services with your concerns at the forefront.
Your container has never been safer than with Packmat Equipment!

Precision Compaction with Structural Integrity

Our compactors are designed with precision engineering, featuring a narrower width than the container to avoid wall contact, ensuring no interior damage.

Integrated Protection Mechanisms

Each compactor is equipped with safeguard wheels to prevent damage from the roller spikes, and our elevated side design further ensures the container's interior remains untouched. This careful consideration in design extends the life of your container by preventing wear and tear, making our service a cost-effective solution for your compaction needs.

Enhanced Operator Control and Safety

We've elevated operational safety and efficiency through the integration of a joystick controller and a network of cameras, allowing operators to maneuver the equipment from the safety of the truck's cab. This innovation eliminates the need for operators to exit the truck, reducing accident risk and streamlining the compaction process.

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